Friday, May 7, 2010

(evil) Zucchini mushroom pies

I learned a little about my culinary self last night. I learned that this kind of food is so emphatically not what I'm about. I don't hate making things that take a long time. I love stirring a risotto, kneading bread dough by hand (who doesn't), rolling out fresh pasta with a pint glass. It is the most relaxing thing in the world. But these dainty, pretty little pies really made me hate life for a couple hours.

The crust was just awful to deal with. I refrigerated it for an hour, cut it into two halves (four quarters would've been better), and then put one in the freezer while I worked on the other one. 5 minutes later it was a hot sticky mess. I'd cut one or two rounds (which usually fell apart on the way across the kitchen to the muffin tin) before having to ball it up and put it back in the freezer.

I was in such a pissy mood when dinner was finally ready that I'd resolved to hate them no matter what, which was difficult because honestly they turned out to be pretty tasty. Way way too rich for a main course (which should have been obvious) but probably a good appetizer.

Here is the recipe; beautiful pictures the siren song of my miserable cooking experience. We substituted earth balance (maybe part of the problem with the crust) for butter and silken tofu+apple cider vinegar for sour cream. It worked out ok but all in all I think I'm content to leave mini-pies in the hands of hippies and professionals

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  1. i loved the mini pies! too bad we don't have a pie truck around here...