Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tempeh shepherdess pie

Oh lordy, I'm sorry this is turning into an infomercial for Veganomicon... Possibly disappointed by our decision not to make the yucca shepherd pie on Friday, we decided to make this slightly more traditional version last night.
The filling is crumbled tempeh cooked in tamari with onions, garlic, cremini mushrooms, peas, and corn. You're supposed to add a cup of veggie broth at the end -- I think I would recommend using low sodium, diluting your broth 50%, or even just using water. My usual rapunzel bouillon made it just a little bit too salty.
Topped with mashed potatoes and then baked for 10 minutes. I am pretty sure the ridges in the mashed potatoes are the key to getting lots of crispy bits of mashed potatoes, which I suspect is the key to the whole thing. If I had had a piping bag, I would've done it all Gordon Ramsay style

It is amazing how much this evoked a classic shepherd pie, so so so good. Maybe a little too involved for a week night meal (although not really), but I this is definitely something I would make again for a weekend/special occasion, for omnivores even.

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