Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jicama salad and chipotle white beans

Kristen's creative brilliance is back in charge of the menu this week. As evidenced by:

Jicama, orange, and radish salad. Super easy, light, and fresh. And there is nothing that is more fun than cutting orange supremes. This was a great contrast to:

Heidi Swanson's Chipotle white beans with cilantro pesto. While the chipotle is an inspired addition, to me the bread crumbs made the dish (also don't buy bread crumbs! just put 1 piece of bread in the food processor, sprinkle it with olive oil, salt, and pepper and broil for 1-2 minutes). We used lima beans, which were great.

Man, isn't it weird how some of the best vegetables have been so universally (well universal to the US) cast as foods kids are supposed to hate? I didn't taste a brussels sprout until well into high school and never had a lima bean until, um, Sunday.

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