Sunday, March 7, 2010

Potatoes and spinach

We finished out the week with a super easy recipe from Vegan Dad for sort of an Indian-inspired aloo saag sort of thing. The flavors were good, but I didn't love the soft texture of the potatoes against the vaguely slimy texture of cooked spinach. I think next time I would like to try not peeling the potato and browning it a little before adding water.

And with that we took care of almost every ingredient on the shopping list from last weekend (the broccoli quinoa at the bottom was an alternate -- its avocado ended up in a brown rice burrito and the lemon made its way into a hot toddy).

I am still amazed how much money we saved and more importantly how much better it was not to have to finish work and spend an hour figuring out and procuring dinner every single night. I have to say I'm feeling a little bit inspired

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